Bex (kalibex) wrote in chicopee,


Various neighbors on our street seem to be competing for some "Most neighbors' driveways & walkways snowblowed unasked" award or something, lately.

Not that we're complaining...
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Glory be!
What you think this is some journal where you can jot down local observations? What the hell is wrong with you?
Yeah, this is only for promoting shows and selling stuff.

What is this talking about Chicopee stuff you think you're doing!?
P.S. Kalibex, your icon made me laugh :D I love it.
*mesmerized by the angry bouncy box*
how about I mesmerize my fist in your face


OMG more wonderful kitties! I love your icons!
Which street is that? I'm tired of shoveling like a sucker.
fuck streets
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Don't test him. He's full of burning shit.
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Joe- you were so much better when you had a backpack. Did you know that?! haha
Man, everyone loved backpack Joe. :P
i still do have a backpack, i just don't bring it everywhere because i'm always home now haha
Awww it's good ol' backpack Joe. The one we all know and love.
I'm going to refer to you as backpack Joe alllllll the time now.
my dad has called him backpack joe since high school don't jump on the srgt slaughter train, and livejournal doesn't recognize joe as a word, double you tee eff

Deleted comment

That's awesome!