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Western MA PPD Today @ U/Mass Amherst

Western MA Pagan Pride Day

Oct 13, 2007: 11AM to 6PM

For 2007, we are going to the campus of U/Mass Amherst! For many years, the WMPPD committee has had a close relationship with SPIRALS, the U/Mass pagan student group, and this year they have come though with a function space that will allow us to have our event, rain or shine. Last year, for the first time since 1999, there was no WMPPD, suffering our first ever rainout, so we have taken steps to insure that that can't happen this year!

WMPPD will be held in the Student Union Ballroom in the center of the campus. The main parking garage is nearby (there is a fee), but parking on campus in the numbered lots is free on weekends. Public transportation via the PVTA is very easy, as numerous buses run right through the heart of campus all day long.

Every year, WMPPD has featured a different group and/or tradition to facilitate the public ritual. This year, we are pleased to have representatives from numerous Heathen/Asatru Kindreds from all around New England coming to Pride! An ancestor blot is planned. Weather permitting, the ritual will be held outside.

A full schedule is also planned, including workshops, the ritual, and a special performance by Incus! Events begin at 11AM and run through 6PM.

As always, we will be collecting canned and dry goods for hunger relief. The last year we collected, the total amount came to just under 500 pounds, so our goal this year is to top that.

At the community table, we will be running our Tea Cup raffle. Many of our vendors will donate an item to the raffle, the poceeds of which will be used for next year’s event. Please check it out, right next to the donations table.

Here are a couple of pages with directions and information about Pagan Pride Day.

Directions to UMass:

Directions once at UMass

PPD information in general:
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Thank Jesus you guys survived the rain.