Swami Craig (recombatant) wrote in chicopee,
Swami Craig

Be a hero

The people of Myanmar, a southeast Asian country of about 50 million people that was formerly known as Burma, has been nearly destroyed by a massive, monster cyclone. These people need our help.

"The Myanmar government put its tally of deaths since Cyclone Nargis struck early Saturday at 22,500 and said 41,000 people were missing."

->EDIT:The news is now that there's over 100.000 (One-Hundred Thousand people) dead. And a million people in great distress. Oh God, please help.

Even a small percentage of that destruction would be awful. It's really terrible when you think that EACH of the dead and missing, affects the lives of many numbers of folks still alive. How many people's lives would be touched by YOUR death? 40 or 50 in all probability. That's at the very least.

About the cyclone...

And... unless you're a super-hero and have your own rescue/relief gear (Like my Recombatants™) here's how to contribute...

Want to feel good about yourself? Send these people $10. A little bit goes a long way. Do some good with that money for once. These people are suffering. Show them there's still hope and they aren't all alone in the world.
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