Tom (t0mh0lmes) wrote in chicopee,


fuck you aubuchon. who's with me?

tom "posting in the chicopee community since 1999" dumont
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Making up a new middle name every time you post something= not at all as cool or original as you think it is.,,
Uhm, Alright.


July 5 2009, 23:09:31 UTC 8 years ago

tom "guitarist for no doubt" dumont
This post is the perfect representation of Chicopee.

*Some idiot makes a post about disliking someone else and gives it a homophobic title.

*A bunch of anonymous idiots reply with racial slurs and pornographic pictures.

Way to be.
Well, it's the perfect representation of some dumbass replying to himself at least.
A single idiot? Oh Alana... you're such an optimist.
Aw, Debbie. You up and grew all sentimental and stuff. Speaking up on Kris' behalf and everything. I wouldn't have expected it of you 5 years ago.
Sentimental? Maybe. I think it's mostly the development of self esteem, as well as a little backbone.
Anonymous fuck-heads on the interents? never...
go have sex with a man, tom. you fucking faggot queer.

pat "i believe the clubs pioneered the name quotes" feeley